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Meet Stella: A Gentle Soul with Unsurpassable Charm

Some of Stella’s Puppies Grown Up


Diving Deep into Stella’s Persona

Warmth Beyond Measure: Stella stands out as an embodiment of love and affection. Her Labradoodle nature is evident in her endless quest for cuddles and her ability to form a deep bond with her human counterparts.

A Beacon of Calm: Unique to her personality, Stella is a serene and peaceful presence. Her quiet demeanor, paired with her friendly nature, makes her a perfect companion for both boisterous households and those seeking tranquility.

Brains to Match her Beauty: Stella isn’t just a pretty face; she’s an intellectual powerhouse. Her intelligence shines through in her quick learning and adaptability, traits she’s sure to pass on to her offspring.

Celebrating Stella’s Authentic Heritage

DNA Validation: To guarantee her authenticity and the consistency of her attributes, Stella has undergone meticulous DNA testing. And for those keen on tracing her roots, we proudly hold DNA certificates of both her parents, underlining the purity of her lineage.

Fluff Overload: Stella’s coat is a sight to behold! Plush, fluffy, and reminiscent of a cuddly toy, her fur promises that her puppies will be just as huggable and enchanting.

Anticipating Stella’s Puppies

The Union of Chester & Stella: When Stella is paired with our Chester, the result is the much-desired F2B puppies. This combination has carved a niche in the Labradoodle community for its distinctive features and characteristics.

Prioritizing a Low-Shed Coat: For those desiring minimal shedding from their puppies, Stella’s F2B pups are the perfect fit. This combination drastically reduces shedding tendencies, offering a cleaner and allergy-friendly environment.

The Labradoodle Legacy

A Perfect Blend: Labradoodles are the harmonious fusion of the universally adored Labrador and the incredibly astute Poodle. The inception of this breed aimed at combining the Labrador’s unyielding loyalty and the Poodle’s unmatched intelligence, with the added advantage of hypoallergenic features.

What to Expect from Our Labradoodle Litter

Multigenerational F2B: Each of Stella’s offspring when sired by Chester will be the highly saught after F2B, with stable personalities, high likelyhood of non shedding and great health.

A Promise of Comprehensive Traits: From loyalty and intelligence to a boundless capacity for love, our Labradoodles encapsulate the best of both breeds. Their affectionate nature, combined with their independent streak, makes them ideal family members.

Nurtured with Love: The well-being of our puppies is paramount. Each one grows up in a nurturing environment, devoid of stress or mistreatment, guaranteeing that you’ll be bringing home a cheerful, sociable, and balanced pet.

Entrust your home to the paws of our Labradoodles, and you’re sure to be enveloped in a world of warmth, joy, and memorable moments.

About Our Female Labradoodle Stella

  • Breed – 25/75 Labrador & Poodle (DNA Certified)
  • Type – F1B
  • DNA Tested – Yes
  • Parents DNA Tested – Yes
  • No Shedding – Yes
  • Health Problems to date – None
  • DOB: 7/02/2022
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