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Introducing Luna: The Epitome of Labradoodle Perfection

We are taking deposits for Luna’s next litter due early March 2024 and ready to go home early May 2024


Luna’s Unique Personality and Traits

Protection and Love Combined: Luna isn’t just any Labradoodle. She embodies a rare blend of protective instincts combined with an affectionate nature. While she’s always alert and on the lookout for her family’s safety, she equally adores her cuddle sessions, making her the ideal family dog.

A Mind of Her Own: Luna is a fiercely independent spirit. While she enjoys companionship, she is also comfortable spending time on her own, showcasing her confident and self-assured nature.

Intellectual Prowess: Luna’s intelligence is truly commendable. This is a hallmark of her breed, and she perfectly exemplifies it. Whether it’s a new trick or adapting to her surroundings, Luna’s sharp mind is always at work.

The Authenticity of Luna’s Lineage

Certified DNA Testing: Luna’s lineage isn’t just spoken of; it’s proven. She has undergone rigorous DNA testing for breed-specific traits, ensuring you’re getting a genuine Labradoodle with all the promised attributes. Furthermore, to emphasize her pure lineage, we possess DNA certificates from both her parents, affirming her authentic and illustrious heritage.

Beauty Beyond Words: One glance at Luna, and you’re bound to be smitten! Her luscious coat epitomizes the iconic teddy bear look.

The Exciting Prospect of Luna’s Puppies

The Chester & Luna Alliance: Our Chester, paired with Luna, is set to produce F2B puppies – a blend that’s not just unique but also highly desirable among Labradoodle enthusiasts.

Why Choose an F2B Puppy: If a low-shedding coat is a priority for you, then Luna’s F2B pups are your best bet. This breed combination significantly increases the likelihood of minimal to non-existent shedding, making your puppy-rearing journey even more delightful.

Remember there are three coat styles, straight hair which may shed and requires no maintenance, fleece that is low shedding that requires some maintenance, and wool which has no shedding but requires high maintenance.

Why Labradoodles are the Ideal Choice

A Blend of Excellence: Labradoodles represent a harmonious fusion of two of the world’s most iconic breeds. With the Labrador’s heartwarming loyalty and the Poodle’s unparalleled intelligence, the resultant breed is nothing short of perfection.

Historical Significance: Labradoodles were initially bred with a noble purpose in mind: to assist visually-impaired individuals who also had allergies. This breed, thus, carries a legacy of service and sensitivity.

The Promise of Our Labradoodle Offspring

Multi Generational F2B: Each of Luna’s offspring when sired by Chester will be the highly saught after F2B, with stable personalities, higher likelyhood of low/non shedding and great health.

Complete Package: Our Labradoodles promise a rich tapestry of emotions – boundless love, unmatched loyalty, and ceaseless intelligence. With their penchant for cuddles and their self-sufficient nature, they are an ideal addition to any household.

Stress-Free Upbringing: Each of our puppies is raised with utmost love and care. We can proudly say that they’ve never experienced stress or mistreatment, ensuring you get a jovial, friendly, and well-adjusted pet.

Choose our Labradoodles, and embark on an enriching journey filled with love, laughter, and countless memorable moments!

About Our Female Labradoodle Luna

  • Breed – 25/75 Labrador & Poodle (DNA Certified)
  • Type – F1B
  • DNA Tested – Yes
  • Parents DNA Tested – Yes
  • No Shedding – Yes
  • Health Problems to date – None
  • DOB: 7/02/2022 (expected litters from July 2023 approx)
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