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Our Breeding Labradoodles

Meet our Labradoodle dog family members, Chester, Stella and Luna.

Chester Stud Dog Labradoodles Gold Coast


Chester, our cherished Labradoodle, brings joy and warmth to all who know him. Among his many Labradoodle traits, one stands out: his love for cuddles. While all the dogs in the family enjoy a good cuddle, Chester’s passion for snuggling is particularly strong. Whether nestled beside you on the couch or greeting you at the door with his wagging tail, Chester’s cuddly nature embodies the friendly and affectionate disposition that Labradoodles are renowned for. His mix of Labrador Retriever’s warmth and Poodle’s intelligence makes him a perfect companion who seems to know just when you need that extra bit of love.

Stella Labradoodles Breeder Gold Coast
Stella one of our girl labradoodles


Stella, the calm and serene Labradoodle, possesses an incredible love for cuddles, akin to her mate Chester, but with a distinct tranquillity that sets her apart. Known as the calmest dog ever within the family, Stella’s soothing presence can be felt the moment you walk into the room. Her love for cuddles is more than just a preference; it’s a reflection of her gentle and contented spirit. Whether you’re seeking comfort or simply enjoying a peaceful moment, Stella’s soft nuzzles and serene demeanor provide a comforting embrace that captures the very essence of the Labradoodle’s loving nature.

Luna Labradoodles Breeder Gold Coast


Luna, an intelligent and protective Labradoodle, exudes grace and sophistication. Her affectionate nature is complemented by a strong sense of loyalty and a keen intellect. While she loves to show her affection through gentle touches and loving looks, Luna’s protective instincts are never far from the surface. She’s always alert to her family’s needs, showcasing the Labradoodle’s remarkable ability to understand and respond to human emotions. This blend of intelligence, affection, and protectiveness makes Luna not only a beloved pet but a trusted friend and guardian who enriches the lives of those around her.