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Introducing Chester: The Heart of Craig & Brooke’s Labradoodles


The Gentle Soul: Chester isn’t just any Labradoodle; he’s a gentle soul with a penchant for cuddles. His friendly demeanor paired with a sharp intellect makes him a standout.

Pedigree & DNA Assurance: Chester’s intelligence isn’t just by chance. With thorough DNA testing done for both breed and traits, he boasts a lineage of distinction. Furthermore, both of his parents have undergone DNA testing, and his paternal grandparents proudly flaunt their pedigree Poodle heritage.

Chester’s Contribution: Apart from gracing us with his delightful presence, Chester plays a pivotal role in our breeding program. He is available for Labradoodle Stud services and is the proud sire of many of our cherished pups.

The Magic of F2B Generation: When Chester pairs with our girls, the outcome is nothing short of magical. The puppies are F2B Labradoodles, a blend that is in high demand. If you’re in pursuit of a doodle that promises minimal shedding, an F2B from Chester is your best bet. It guarantees a higher likelihood of low to no shedding.

The Labradoodle Legacy: Labradoodles are the epitome of perfection, merging the beloved traits of Labradors with the intellectual prowess of Poodles. Originally bred with the noble intention of crafting seeing-eye dogs for the allergen-sensitive, they’ve carved a niche of their own in the canine world.

Why Choose Our Labradoodles? In your quest for the ideal furry companion—loyal, brainy, affectionate, and independent—our Labradoodles emerge as the clear winners. Raised in an environment devoid of stress and maltreatment, they are bundles of joy, radiating love and exuding positive vibes.

At Craig & Brooke’s Labradoodles, our commitment to each puppy’s well-being ensures that you’re not just getting a pet, but a lifelong friend. Join our family today.

About Chester

  • Breed – 50/50 Labradore & Poodle (DNA Certified)
  • Type – F1
  • DNA Tested – Yes
  • Parents DNA tested – Yes
  • Pedigree Papers – Bother Grandparents on Father’s side (Poodle)
  • Shedding – Moderate
  • Has Sired Pups – Yes
  • Health Problems to date – None
  • DOB: 02/09/2020
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